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Students in our Kindergarten program are curious about the world around them and are interested in trying new experiences.

Our teachers create a safe environment for our young learners and support them as they gain confidence to communicate and explore. We introduce students to science and engineering concepts and practice self-expression through art. We encourage our students to resolve disputes with their peers and to be more aware of their own emotional needs and the needs of others.


We approach literacy and math with a combination of whole-class, small group and individual activities. For example, as a class our teacher may read a story related to a theme or create a game where students look for objects in the room that start with a certain letter sound. Our teacher may later gather a small group of children to discuss the story in more detail, inviting them to hypothesize about what might happen next.


Finally, we then work one-on-one with students to read books at their level, increasing the difficulty as students develop their reading ability at their own pace.

We round out our day with extra-curricular offerings.  Our young learners have PE, art, Spanish and more throughout the week.


Our Kindergarten programs engage students in meaningful learning experiences while providing our graduates with a strong foundation in academic fundamentals.

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